Most Popular Ethnic Cuisines in Canada

Toronto is famous for its variety of cuisines from countries around the world. Canada is seen as one of the most multicultural countries in the world and it shows through its highly varied food scene. With so many traditional world cuisines available we look at some of the most popular cuisines to the locals of Toronto and Canada overall.

The cuisines on this list are the most popular ethnic-based cuisines in Toronto with traditional means of preparing these dishes staying true to the traditions.


Throughout Canada, Chinese food is seen as the most enjoyed ethnic cuisine. In Canada Chinese cuisine has been highly transformed into local taste while keeping the traditional means of preparation and tastes intact.

Over the years the local adaption of the cuisine has become even more traditional with Chinese cuisine restaurants now operating fully dedicated to the real thing.


Italian Cuisine is the second most popular cuisine enjoyed by Canadians. Throughout Canada, Toronto is seen as the most popular destination in Canada for Italian Cuisine. The Italian dishes have also been transformed into an interesting mix of Italian and Canadian cuisine due to the seasonal ingredients available in the country.


The popularity of Thai food started in the 1950s with young Thai’s travelling to Canada to study. In the 1990s with the financial crisis in Thailand, the cuisine regained popularity in its traditional form and has been one of the most popular cuisines in the country ever since. T

The most popular places in Canada to enjoy authentic Thai food include British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.


Indian Cuisine has been one of the most popular foods in Canada for over 15 years. Spicy food is well known to some of the most favourite cuisines in Canada and is most popular in Ontario and British Columbia. Indian food restaurants can be found all throughout Canada and are especially popular in Ontario.

These cuisines can all be found in their traditional form or with a Canadian twist throughout the Country. To witness the best of these cuisines Toronto is seen as the most popular destination for traditional ethnic restaurants.