Top Restaurants in Toronto

Throughout Toronto, there are restaurants with a focus on various styled dishes and cuisines providing visitors and locals with a great chance to explore the variety of tastes found in the city. With the growing number of restaurants in Toronto, you can now easily find the best restaurant to suit your tastebuds.

These are some of the most highly rated restaurants found in Toronto.


Actinolite is a deeply authentic restaurant serving specialty and creative Canadian Meals. Chef Justin Cournoyer is dedicated to the recipes and meals found at the restaurant and explains the concepts behind each meal to clients. The restaurant has a wide focus on seasonal dishes to keep the meals fresh and interesting.

All the ingredients are locally sourced by suppliers operating and growing in Canada. Indulging in the menu will provide clients with the chance to take part in a tasting menu from Tuesdays to Saturdays each week.


Buca is a restaurant dedicated to serving some of the most tasteful meat dishes with an Italian tradition to each recipe. The restaurant is a buzzing and popular destination for food lovers to enjoy Chef Rob Gentile’s dishes. The most popular dishes at Buca include culatello, ionza, and lardo.

The chef also has a special focus on seasonal dishes to keep the meals fresh with every visit.

Café Boulud

Café Boulud is an all-day restaurant providing breakfast, lunch, and dinners in this warm and nostalgic establishment. The restaurant has a special focus on rotisserie chicken with confit potatoes and burgundy snails. It’s seen as the best option for dining any day as they provide food that most food lovers will always be in the mood for.


Edulis is a restaurant set in the Fashion District of Toronto with overflowing with flowers and natural sights. Chef Michael Caballo gets his inspiration from Spanish and French cuisine and creates honest dishes with rustic yet refined tastes. The menu changes every day providing food lovers with an exciting menu each day they visit.

By visiting any of these restaurants, you can get a taste of the varied traditional dishes and cuisines available throughout Toronto.